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DB2 UDB database administration is one of our key functions. This task includes the maintenance of production and development databases on both IBM mainframe, UNIX and Wintel platforms.

Databases do not exist in isolation and in order for them to perform effectively they need to be constantly monitored and maintained as they are used and the data volumes increase over time. For DB2 to operate at maximum cost-effectiveness, the physical structures of the database must be organised as efficiently as possible. Without good organisation, system performance declines while costs, in both time and money, rise.

Database administration also includes the backing up the data at regular intervals and planning for any possible recovery, including disaster recovery. The organisation of the data also needs to be monitored and decisions taken on when the tablespaces and indexes need to be re-organised to ensure optimum performance.

The volume of data stored also needs to be constantly monitored to ensure that the underlying datasets do not fragment into too many secondary extents or eventually run out of space altogether.